Welcome to all my fantastic clients!

Thanks for visiting my practice. As an accredited health care provider, it’s important that I make you aware of how my practice collects and uses your personal information. Please read the statements below as I require your agreement prior to your first appointment. For more detailed information about my practice and its privacy procedures, please contact me.


When you become a client of the practice, it means you have provided consent for me and the practice staff to access and use your personal information in order to give you the best treatment and care. It is also used for business activities, such as financial claims and payments, practice audits and business processes (eg. staff training).

Examples of personal information may include:

□ Names, date of birth, addresses and contact details

□ Medical, social, psychological, nutritional and family history

□ Current or past healthcare providers

□ Medicare number (if required)

 Healthcare identifier (if required)

□ Health fund details (if required)

Your information may be collected through the registration form, when you visit the website, send an email, SMS, telephone or communicate in any way using social media. My practice will ensure your personal information is kept securely via electronic software.

You also agree that the procedure for conducting a telehealth consultation (if applicable) has been explained and you understand your participation is voluntary. You are able to refuse to participate and terminate the consultation at any time.

On some occasions, your personal information may be gained or shared through other avenues, such as your guardian or responsible person, others involved in your healthcare (such as specialists, allied health professionals, hospitals, community health services, pathology and diagnostic services), or your health fund, Medicare, Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Please provide a hard copy (which can be provided) or digital agreement that you (or parent/guardian if client under 16 years), give consent for Holly Smith and relevant practice staff to be involved in your health care  (including via telehealth, if applicable). This includes collecting, accessing and using your personal and demographic information to manage your health care.  You understand that you can terminate the consultation/s at any time.