I call January ‘diet month’.  I speak to people every day who are always on and off a restrictive weight loss plan in the hope of losing weight. Sometimes the weight comes off but it is often regained (and often they regain more than before). In fact, science says these people regain most of their weight within 2-3 years. I see this time and time again. Sadly, people who diet often feel they have failed because the weight has come back on once the diet is stopped. But what if I told you that it was the diet that failed – not the dieter?

Research shows that the best ‘diet’ is the one we can stick to long term. So, if you love eating pasta and bread, then a paleo diet is not right for you. You will just crave them more. If you have some lovely fruit trees in the backyard and enjoy eating them with friends and family then a ketogenic diet may not be the answer either.

A recent study done in Australia has found the following 10 healthy habits have been successfully linked with sustainable weight loss. I like this concept because it focuses on our BEHAVIOURS not calories, deprivation or a number on the scales.

Following these 10 healthy behaviours led to an average of 3kg weight loss in just 12 weeks:

  1. Eat at roughly the same time each day
  2. Choose healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado)
  3. Aim for 10,000 steps each day
  4. Pack healthy snacks when going out
  5. Check the fat, sugar and salt content on your food labels
  6. Use smaller plates and wait 5 minutes before going back for seconds
  7. Reduce your sitting time
  8. Choose water as your main drink
  9. Eat mindfully and focus on your food
  10. Aim for five serves of veggies every day

So if you’re sick of trying another diet this January, why not try looking at it from a different perspective. Set yourself some healthy behaviours to aim for and put a more positive spin on your health and weight loss goals!